Monday, November 24, 2008

Tom Coughlin was an Original Member of Puerto Rican Boy Band, Menudo

"What do I think it is that has enabled Puerto Rican boy band, Menudo, to withstand the test of time?"
Well. I'm glad you asked that imaginary generic reader. As with most pop culture phenomenons (Paris Hilton excluded), success comes from hard work, stability and and a resolute work ethic. When famed producer Edgardo Diaz founded Menudo in 1977, it was those very principles that served as the basis. As evident in early hits like "Fuego" and "Mi banda toca rock," all the way up to Menudo's 2008 SMASH HIT, "Lost,"Menudo has shown what it takes to keep us movin'. Despite the band's revolving door tendencies, the band has pressed on through the ages.
This is not to say that Menudo didn't undergo its fair share of controversy and hardship. When famed pop star Ricky Martin left the group to pursue a solo career in 1989, many Menudo fans feared the worst: the end of the road for the iconic Puerto Rican boy band. Much to the delight of Menudo fans all across the globe (believe me, they do exist), however, the band came back with more fire in 1990 with songs like "A force do rock" and "Os ultimos herois," proving two things.
1) You don't need Ricky Martin to be the hottest boy band on Earth
2) Menudo's main catalyst for sustainment through the ages is a world class feeder system.
On Sunday, the New York Football Giants proved themselves, once again, to have a feeder system that is comparable to Menudo's.
When seven-time defensive end Pro-Bowler Michael Strahan announced his retirement in the summer of 2008, few critics gave the reigning Super Bowl Champions a shot in hell. Even more skeptics stepped on the Giants when two-time Pro-Bowler Osi Umenyiora tore the lateral meniscus in his left knee during a pre-season match-up with the New York Jets. With the additional loss of tight end Jeremy Shockey and defensive cornerstones like linebacker Kawika Mitchell (Buffalo Bills) and safety Gibril Wilson (Oakland Raiders), New York fans knew that Head Coach Tom Coughlin would have his work cut out for him. What has been the result?
A resolute New York Giants that have thrived under the emergence of up-and-coming stars like tight end Kevin Boss, wide receiver Steve Smith, running back Brandon Jacobs and defensive ends Justin Tuck and Mathias Kiwanuka-- this, of course, in addition to veterans Plaxico Burress (wide receiver), Amani Toomer (wide receiver) and Antonio Peirce (inside linebacker).
After an off-season characterized by the questioned validity of the 2008 New York Giants team, as well as that of 2007 Super Bowl Champions, the G-men have established themselves as (fairly indisputably) the best team in the National Football League. They have done so as a result of a feeder system that has replaced the aforementioned stars of yesterday's team.
Whether the 2008 success is a testament to Assistant General Manager Kevin Abrams, Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo or Coughlin himself is unknown-- perhaps it's a combination. Whatever the case, what's at work for the Big Blue is quite impressive.
After a 9-1 start, the Bombers finally appeared to be getting the respect that they deserved before Jacobs (knee) and Burress (hamstring) were sidelined for last weekend's game.
Playing against the offensive juggernaut Arizona Cardinals, which consists of rejuvenated quarterback Kurt Warner, along with wide receivers Anquan Boldin (starring in Face-off 2) and Larry Fitzgerald, few bought the Giants' ability to keep up.
Once again, however, Coughlin's "Menudo" feeder system proved invaluable. With "Plax" and Jacobs (Ricky Martin and Fernando Romantico) both relegated to the bench, up stepped the baby boomers.
In Jacobs' absence, Wind (of Earth, Wind and Fire) Derrick Ward rushed for a respectable (game-high) 69 yards, while special teams standout Domenik Hixon caught six passes for 57 yards and carried the ball into Cardinals territory on more than one kick return.
Much to the dismay of Eagles and Cowboy fans abound on Sunday, the Giants proved more than capable of stepping up to a challenge, advancing to a league-best (tied with the Tennessee Titans) 10-1 record, even in the absence of Mr. T, I mean Brandon Jacobs and Plaxico Burress. That is why the New York football Giants are without a doubt, the Menudo of professional sports and the best team in the national football league

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Jon Corzine said...

Whether the 2008 success is a testament to Assistant General Manager Kevin Abrams, Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo or Coughlin himself is unknown....

How bout' a good word or two
for the TRUE team architects, Jerry
Reece & Ernie Acorsi. Jobs WELL DONE!!!!!

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